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Night 3 Leaves fans disapointed

By: Tim Horden

Anchor Editor


Unlike Night 2 of the WXIN Rock Hunt, Night 3 was a slight disappointment in the line of talent and entertainment. The results showed this, as none of the bands scored enough points to move on to the final round. One band made a strong run for the April 19 Finals, but controversially lost points due to playing covers. Once again, the rankings in this article are least to most talented and do not reflect the official WXIN rankings.
Coming in last for the night and scoring 29.9575 points was Funkatronic. This three- member band hailing from Providence included Justin Caraher on drums/percussion/keyboard, Paul Caraher on guitar/bass/vocals and Obuamah Laud Addy on vocals/percussion.For this “band,” if you want to call them that, I only had a few comments. First was that once the band started playing, the crowd dispersed almost immediately. At one point, there was more staff working the concert than patrons in the venue. Also, the band’s name is very misleading. Every- one stuck around to hear a jazz-funk band, but as the playing went on, it was apparent that the band was just a constant jam band with no organization and long, random, repeated melodies that had no reasonable conclusion One last comment I had on this band was that they really did not look together. At one point, one song apparently ended and there was a switch where the bassist was going to play guitar but the rest of the band played right away while the he scrambled to catch
up. It just made the band look sloppy and not together. Next on the list for the night, but scoring 41.203125 points was Fall and Bounce. This four-member band from Providence included Malyssa BellaRosa on vocals, Bill Reed on guitars, Christine Hauck on bass and Jamie Craighead on drums. I only have a few comments on this band. First, as a whole this band was way too stiff and awkward while on stage. Yes, some may be inexperienced on the stage, but standing in one place for the entire set just looks boring. This may have been the reason that the crowd started to thin and
dissipate from the front. Another thing about this band was that the instrumentals were
good, but the music was not as exciting. I started out interested in what they were playing, but I slowly lost interest as the set seemed to drag on. In all, this band is no headliner in any form of the word but may be a good opener someday.
Coming in second for the night, but scoring a night-high of 45.58035714285 points, was Far Off Place. This four-member band from Charlestown includes Jason Gardner on vocals/guitar, Tim Gardner on drums/vocals, Derek Furst on guitar/vocals/keyboard and Joshua Sardelli on bass/vocals.
For this band I only had a few points about the performance. First off, they had very positive crowd reaction from the upbeat music they played. After Fall and Bounce, the crowd started to fill back in and plug the hole that had opened on the floor. Additionally, though the band was a little stiff, they loosened up midway through the set and had the crowd into it. My last point was that the band was strong in the vocals and instrumentals, which helped them land second on my list.
Placing first on my list, but only pulling in 39.75 points on the night, was Shryne. This five-member band from Providence, in- cludes Jon Brennan on vocals, Alex Tirrell on keys/vocals, Anthony Mattera on guitar/ vocals, Andrew Sharp on bass, and Kevin Pereira on drums.
For this band, I only had a few comments on why they placed first on the list. First off, the dual main vocalists were strong. Un- like most local acts, this band did not have that “fishbowl” sound to them and you could actually hear the words. Also, the playing ability of this band really shocked me. At one point during the cover of “Carry on My Wayward Son,” the guitarist, Mattera, hit the solos so perfectly it was mind blowing. I figured it may just be the fact that it was a cover, but the ability continued through the set.
One final note is the band drew the largest crowd reaction. Everyone in the crowd was dancing and packing up front. In all, due to the reaction and the pure talent, this band placed first on my list.
In all, if you missed this week’s show, and feel bad about the lack of fun you have been having, come check out the last semifinal show, WXIN Rock Hunt Night 4 featuring The Company, Jeff’s Trip- pin Out, Brainfruit and Steve Malec & The Electric Flood. It will be held at the same location, Firehouse 13. The show is at 8 p.m., and tickets are $3 with a RIC ID and $5 without.

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