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  • Graphics Editor - Tyler Vigeant

    Graphics Editor – Tyler Vigeant

    Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, Greenest state in the Land of the Free. Raised in the woods so’s he knew every tree. Kilt him a b’ar when he was only three. Tyler, Tyler Vigeant, King of the wild frontier! This is not the bio of Tyler Vigeant, but that would be cool, huh!?!? ...
  • Layout Editor - Samantha Mandeville

    Layout Editor – Samantha Mandeville

  • Sports Editor - Rashawn Vassell

    Sports Editor – Rashawn Vassell

  • Photography Editor - Danielle Franciosi

    Photography Editor – Danielle Franciosi

  • Editor-in-Chief - Jim Brady

    Editor-in-Chief – Jim Brady

      Jim Brady has been involved in student newspapers since 2007, when he helped found The Unfiltered Lens at CCRI. Brady has gained much notoriety from students, faculty, and administration alike for taking hard stances against puppeteer faculty, wayward and easily deceived members of student ...
  • Copy Editor - Greg Maynard

    Copy Editor – Greg Maynard